Here are a few common questions asked by saltwater aquarium owners. Get the best reef tank advice and understand the proper care of your reef tank to ensure you have a healthy saltwater fish aquarium.

On my new canister filter I notice from time to time (once an hour maybe?) it shoots out a bunch of bubbles kind of like a Fart of tiny fine bubbles out. Any reason for these sporadic bubble bursts?

It may be that air is getting into the canister somewhere in the intake system. This could be from a loose clamp, or it can happen if your discharge is too close to the intake and creating some air bubbles that get sucked down into the canister. They build up to a certain level and then release themselves back into the tank.

Can you explain a little how an algae reactor works? I am always looking for ways to keep my aquarium clean and healthy.

It is basically a reactor with extra screens in it to separate it into a few sections. A small starter ball of algae is placed in each section. The reactor generally has some sort of hydroponic red and blue strip light rapped around the unit. Water is pumped through the unit which provides nutrients to the algae.

The quick growing algae consumes nitrates and phosphates from the aquarium water. Macroalgae reactors are mainly intended to help those with non-drilled aquariums get the benefit of a refugium.

Should I worry about bristle worms? I am seeing them popping up in my sump and tank lately.

Bristle worms are not harmful and perform a cleaning function. They are ugly and will multiply in tanks that are over fed. When I see large ones, I use long tweezers to pull them out.