The Flame Hawkfish | Fish of the Week

The Flame Hawkfish, has a bright red body with contrasting black markings along the dorsal fin and around its’ big eyes. They are a very personable and fun to watch. They work well in reef aquariums that do not house shrimp or small bottom dwellers like gobies or blennies.

These fish may do fine with the Hawk if they are larger adults.

How to care for the flame hawkfish in your reef tank aquarium.

Hawkfish lack a swim bladder so prolonged swimming is difficult for them. They should not be kept with large predators that may chase them down as food. They spend most of their time perching, and swim within quick bursts to get from one favorite perch to another or to grab food. The Flame Hawkfish does well on a variety of meaty frozen preparations.

If your interested in getting a Flame Hawkfish for your reef tank then please check out our Saltwater Fish Inventory and contact us for our current availability on this saltwater fish.