Bubble Coral Care

This beautiful LPS coral is generally rated “easy” to keep, I think this may be misleading because proper placement and conditions are a must for success with Bubble corals. Those providing the proper environment will be rewarded with a unique looking piece with large fleshy translucent polyps in various shades of green, white or yellow.

The bubble coral is best placed on sand because the fleshy polyps are easily damaged if water movement causes them to bump against rock. Don’t let the large bubble polyps fool you. Like many other LPS corals it can extend sweeper tentacles that can sting other corals, so it needs its’ own space. For full polyp expansion water flow needs to be low and lighting low to moderate.

Bubble Coral Care Tips

Bubble corals need water with good reef parameters and will benefit from the addition of trace elements and weekly feeding of Brine shrimp or other Zooplankton.