Chalice Coral Care | Coral of the Week

There are many color morphs of Chalice Coral, so they can range in price from low to exorbitantly expensive. These corals will generally exhibit a flat, plate-forming appearance in open areas but may also encrust rocks and glass when in more confined spaces.

Give this coral room to grow so it can plate nicely and avoid close proximity to other corrals as it can develop stinging tentacles. One common mistake in keeping Chalice is bleaching caused by too much light.

Chalice Coral Care for Reef Tank Aquariums

Chalice corals prefer low to medium light and flow. They can adapt to higher light if given enough time to adjust. This coral can benefit from food designed for filter feeders, but supplemental feeding is not required.

The Chalice coral is fairly easy to keep if you maintain close to pristine water conditions in your reef tank.

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