Bluespotted Jawfish | Fish of the Week

The Bluespotted Jawfish is perhaps the most popular, and most expensive of the Jawfish. Jawfish have a resemblance to, and many of the behaviors of, the sand sifting gobies. One of these behaviors is jumping, and without a good lid on your tank you won’t keep one for long.

The Bluespotted Jawfish likes to build a burro in the sand, so a fine sand bed of at least 3 inches is best and having some small rock pieces around for building is good. Jawfish will fight with their own kind unless you are fortunate enough to get a mated pair.

Bluespotted Jawfish Care Information

The Bluespotted Jawfish is a carnivore and they prefer meaty foods like chopped clams, fish and Mysid Shrimp and should be fed often, up to three times a day. An auto feeder with small pellets may help facilitate feeding with fresh or frozen food provided for the main meal.

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