Acan Brain Corals are easy to care for

Acan Brain corals have many endearing qualities. They can tolerate low to medium lighting, so high-end lights are not required.

If the aquarium is brightly lit, they should be placed on the bottom and/or sides of the tank where lighting is less intense and if your lights are adjustable, they can be turned down when adding Acans and ramped back up over a period of a couple weeks. Moderate flow is recommended.

Acan brain corals are hardy, fast growing and easy to frag making them a favorite for propagators.

One caution is that these nocturnal predators will sting other coral that is placed too close, so allow some space between them and neighboring coral.

Acan brain coral colonies have multiple skeletal cups called corallite. The polyp secretes calcium carbonite in the form of aragonite to build these cups, so as with other LPS corals, it is imperative that proper calcium levels are maintained. Target feeding with zoo plankton results in faster growth.

Acan Brain Corals and the care of this easy coral in the saltwater fish tank.

Where can I get Acan Brain Corals?

Our saltwater fish pet store usually keeps Acan Brain Corals in stock and at discount prices. We recommend that you contact our aquarium shop and find out what our current inventory of Acan Brain corals is.

If you have any questions about the care of Acan Brain Corals, please send them our way.