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"I’ve been doing business with Chris now for about 11/2 years now. I've always received great advice, both about my fish & corals and I've never had any problems with any thing that I’ve bought from him. All the live stock I have purchased has been great, and what is better are the prices!!! You just can’t beat his prices I've always been up front with Chris and it pays. Because you just can’t get the advice or price at your local fish stores. They are in it for the money, and not the hobby. So if you go to Chris you’re going to get what you need. If he doesn’t have it, I'm sure he will point you in the right direction. Like I said, he’s a no bull kind of guy."

"I had received a 55 gallon freshwater tank as a gift from a family member and really didn't know much about aquariums at all. Shortly after I decided that I wanted to have more of a saltwater look without the hassle of having a saltwater tank so I found Chris and bought some white sand and some coral skeletons as tank decor to give me that saltwater look. Chris helped me to realize that saltwater tanks just need patience and a little TLC in order to keep them going but that it's really not nearly as "hard" as people make you believe that it is. I bought my first tank from Chris shortly after (110 gallon) and he made a custom stand for it and took the time to teach me about the plumbing and how to change out the filters and do water changes. I had that tank for about six months and then traded it back in and upgraded to a 240 gallon with a custom stand which is now the head board for my bed. I have also purchased a 140 gallon cube which is the reef tank in my living room. I really appreciate everything that Chris does for his customers, he takes the time to listen to what you want to accomplish and then tells you exactly what you will need without trying to up sale you. Chris takes the time out of his already busy schedule to listen to what issues you are experiencing and then helps in rectifying the issue and get your tank back on track. Thank you so much Chris for all of your assistance, your time and your patience. I'm a saltwater fan for life!!"

"I am just sixteen years old and love fish and have always wanted a reef tank. I now have one and my success has largely been because of your help and prices on equipment. While your store may not be as nice as some of the large ones, the attention, helps, and prices makes up for it by far. I know you just want to help out people like me who can't quite afford this expensive hobby but still want a reef or salt water tank in their homes. I admire you for starting your own store. Thanks for everything you have helped me with."

"I made a trip to the store over the weekend and picked up a few fish. They are all very healthy and the price was great! I have bought nearly all my fish from Chris and have had great success (no loss). The store is small, but all the tanks look nice. I also picked up some coral frenzy and it was cheaper than any other store around. Overall, I think it is a nice place to buy fish and used equipment. If they get the coral looking better, I think it will be a nice little store overall. You won't find better prices anywhere!"

"I have done business with Chris on many occasions and never left unhappy (other than the drive), but each time he has been fair and even gave me a little extra of what I may have needed. I bought a frogspawn from him that started with 2 heads and now has almost 11...speaks for itself, I would much rather do business with someone that is willing to work with me anyway possible vs. most LFS go by price is what it is."

"Chris, what you are providing to the reef aquarium community is just fantastic. You are beating the other retailers at unbeatable prices on your fishes and equipment (even though they're used). What I have bought from you has been great and you've been honest, telling me that these are used equipment and will probably last about a year or so and been fair about the price on these equipment. As long as you're providing great customer service and be honest with people, then individuals like myself will keep continue to do business with you. I love this hobby but I don't have the money to shell out thousands of dollars for the set up, but you make it possible for the little guys like us."

"Chris is one of the nicest dudes I know. When I was a "noob" and didn't know anything about saltwater. He helped me out, I’ve purchased skimmers, liverock, live stock, and I'm speaking with him now about buying a larger aquarium. He's even been kind enough to relay messages back and forth about drilling a 40g breeder for me. My point is, Chris is a great guy. He's helpful in what he does. He's honest and good hearted. He has the best deals in town on used equipment and livestock. I'll continue doing business with him as long as I'm in the hobby. Thanks Chris for all your hard work you've put in over the years. I can't wait to come visit your store and see how far you've come."

"Chris Kline is an indispensable asset to the reefing community. His knowledge, experience, and compassion with and for aquatic life borders on superhuman. I have bought everything that my system incorporates; stand to lighting from his impressive collection of “second-hand” equipment. I have had zero problems with anything that I have purchased. Why would I pay full-price for new equipment when he is so obviously dedicated to locating and providing barely used pieces to Arizona’s marine enthusiasts? His husbandry and ethics are impeccable, bottom line. He will go out of his way!"

"Nice staff that helped me with a part for my filter. Helped me save a few $$ by giving me the part instead of talking me into a whole new filter. Prices on water treatment supplies are great. I can buy a bottle of water conditioner there that lasts me forever at $10.00. Compared to supplies at the big "Pet" chains that are half as big and twice the price. I haven't purchased fish there yet but the tanks always seem clean and the fish seem healthy to me. Have not had a bad experience there yet!"

"This is no doubt the greatest discovery I have found in years! The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Oh yeah... and the prices are very affordable. I built my system with refurbished equipment I purchased from DAF&R. Till this day I never had a problem with any of the used items. Everything works to my satisfaction and for a fraction of what I would have paid at the other stores."

"This store is great! Especially after they finished the remodel. I can't get over how awesome everything looks. Shane and Chris are the best and always willing to help out and provide knowledge without coming across as cocky or intimidating. I can't tell you how many times they have saved my fish when I needed a helping hand. They even loaned me their shop diamond hole saw to drill the back of my 125. This is a great place to go for all your fish needs and I hope it will be around for years to come."

"Chris has been very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to keeping up with my aquarium any time I had any questions he answered them professionally they are low priced the fish go fast so got to be there the day after delivery these guys are great and have been great to me for the past."

"This place has everything you're looking for in used equipment for salt water tanks! Dan and Shane were such a great help in getting what we needed to setup our tank. Thanks guys!"

"This store is the best that I have ever seen. Chris and staff were very knowledgeable in all the questions I had. I would recommend this store to anyone."

"Great prices nice selection can get anything for you. You don’t have to prepay for special orders under 100.00 also they give store credit for quality equipment that’s clean and ready for a new owner. They have a great selection of used equipment."

"Awesome Store and Great People!!! This store has the absolute best pricing out there. The used equipment is the primary reason why I have such a beautiful large tank. I have purchased almost all of my fish from this store and have had great success with all of them! They will order anything you are looking for and provide a much needed service to the aquarium industry."

"Very helpful staff. Great prices! Found the perfect used tank that was beautiful and actually a price I can afford. They even gave me trade credit on my old tank towards the upgrade."

"I went to this store today to get a few things to set up my 14G nano. It has been 15 years since I had my last reef and a lot has changed since then... The guy with the beard and pony tail was extremely helpful. Instead of trying to sell me stuff I don't need, he actually took some live sand out of one his displays as well as 10G water from his display reef and charged me very little. He also had the foam pad, protein skimmer and a chemical I needed in stock. I picked up 5lbs. of live rock also and was allowed to sift through the rock tank to get what pieces I wanted. "

"Nice to see small businesses like this hustle. Every employee was moving around with a sense of urgency, yet the ambiance was super laid back. The guy also let me borrow two 5 gallon buckets...this really saved me a lot of time. I'll definitely go back for more advice and to buy other things I will be needing soon (and to return the buckets)"

"The owner took time to give me advice and a great deal for two tanks, air pump, filters and heaters. All used but a third the cost of new. "

"The true test of a company is how they handle problems. I bought a used, rebuilt Pond Master AP- 100 air pump. These are the M1 Abrams Tank of air pumps. Rebuilt should be as good as new. Got it home, plugged it in and found it was very noisy (90 db instead of advertised 40 db) and was pumping hardly any air. Returned the next day to discuss. The parking lot was full and the small store was packed. Even so, the owner stopped when he saw me holding the pump. Picked a different pump, tested it and I was on my way. Returns should be this easy everywhere. The second pump is very quiet and makes more air than I was hoping for. Very pleased and saved around $70 off the new pump price on Amazon."

"Wow!!!!! Completely renovated and makes it a positive experience with additional tanks and lots of variety to choose from at a discounted price you cannot go wrong shopping here for reef or freshwater fish tank"

"Just got back into the hobby eight months ago Discount Aquarium was a great opportunity for me to reeducate myself with corals and livestock at a fraction of the price a lot of useful information provided by the owner and his employee I enjoy stopping in just to see if I can get lucky and find something nice "

"Every time, I come in I receive great customer service. No high pressure sales, lies, or crazy overpriced like some other stores. Owner is honest and will tell you what you can have and not just sell you livestock that will die in your tank."

"Purchased a used sump tank (that the owner actually made) and the service and price were excellent. The people that helped me with my purchase seemed extremely knowledgeable. Some of the reviews are pretty harsh - if you're there to buy fish, used equipment at a great price, or get knowledgeable information, this is a great store."

"Not a large store, but very active staff. They are very friendly and will even email you their new stock list every week. I will be going back again."

"Wow! I couldn't believe how great the store looked when I stopped in. Before the place was always very crowded and it was hard to move around if there were any additional customers but it looks incredible now. Very clean and professional. Shane and Chris always provide great service and are very knowledgeable about the aquarium industry. They take real pride in what they do and it shows. They are always willing to give advice, loan out equipment, or even just sit and talk. I bought a used skimmer from them at an incredible deal, shortly after getting it hooked up, the sicce pump stopped moving water due to a bad impeller. Chris and Shane replaced the impeller at no cost to me even without my asking. This is on a used piece of equipment. That is crazy customer service if you ask me. You really can't go wrong with this place."

"This is the only store of its kind in the valley! Not only can you pick up livestock and chemicals, but you can bring in your old or unwanted equipment and get something else that you need or want. Going green at its best! It saves money but it also helps save equipment from being thrown out. I have previously found awesome equipment that is no longer on the market -AND- it is always at a great price."

"This store is as far from me as can be BUT I like it so much, I drive past several other stores to visit! "

"Their prices are always fair, if not a huge bargain and the people are always helpful. Of course the stock changes so they may not have exactly what you want that day but you can like them on Facebook and just ask "hey do you have this" and they will let you know and help you find what you need. "

"I don't know of any other stores like this and I will continue to shop here! Love this store! Really great store. Very knowledgeable staff. Loved this place even before the incredible remodel. Now it is amazing. If you have any interest in the aquarium hobby, this is the place to go to meet all your needs."

"We want to sincerely thank Discount Aquarium Fish and Reef for saving our tank! We are a nonprofit organization who work with children on the autism spectrum and their families and we have a beautiful tank in our lobby...but no one consistent to maintain it. Until we found Discount Aquarium Fish and Reef! THANK YOU from us and the children! The man who came to clean the tank, Dan, was a wealth of knowledge and so friendly! We are so grateful!"

"I have bought a ton of equipment there in the past few months and have saved well over a $1000. They have had everything I was looking for and have been able to help with all my needs and have even, found equipment I was looking for at a great price"

"I have purchased everything I own from discount aquarium and I have had no issues and have learned so much from Shane and Chris. I will always purchase my equipment and livestock from them."

"This is a great place for people who love fish and aquariums! Chris, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise with his customers. Prices are excellent and there is a trade-in program for used equipment. They will order for you if what you want is not in stock, and the markup is minimal."

"You have to check out this store. They have the best prices on fish and all of the stuff I bought is doing great in my tank (over a month, now). The staff really knows their stuff and was very helpful and friendly."

"This is the best aquarium shop by far!!! They have unbeatable pricing with great service. They can order just about anything at half the cost. The used equipment section is the reason why I have a beautiful 150 gallon reef tank. With the combo of livestock and equipment, there's no competition in my book!!!!!"

"GREAT PLACE!!!! Knowledgeable and helpful staff. The best prices in the valley. They take time with their customers about tank set-ups, livestock etc. Constantly changing inventory (but it moves fast due to the incredible prices). But they are happy to order anything you want, and it gets there within a few days: not like other stores that sometimes don't get new inventory for weeks!! Also a great place for used aquariums supplies. You can start up a reef, or swim tank reasonably (if you’re on a budget) these guys are awesome, and I strongly recommend them!"

"Best price and best quality of fish in the valley. I have been buying stuff from Chris for over 2 years when I started setting up my in wall 250gal Reef tank. He was also very helpful when I had an ich brake out. I found his advice very helpful and his response time to my questions very fast. Thanks Chris and keep up the good work."

"Great place to get quality used aquariums, reef supplies and livestock.....very friendly and knowledgeable staff and the lowest prices on any livestock in the valley. They are willing to go the extra mile for their customers...answering any questions that you may have, and if they do not already know the answer, they will do the research to answer any of your reefing and aquarium questions"


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